Outsourced Software Development for Startups

We understand that startups have unique software outsourcing needs, whether they are small-scale companies or startups with lots of money coming in from major investors. Startup Jumpstart is a service that is specifically designed to address the needs of brand new companies that don't have an established IT department. A managed service provider is a great solution to this problem.
Your Startup Jumpstart team helps you achieve your startup goals.
One of our strengths here at Roxosoft is responding to incredibly complex software development needs. Startups often require some of the most dedicated problem solvers and big-picture thinkers. When you need to consider outsourcing services, hire an offshore team that will take care of you from start to finish.

We tackle development projects from the ground up. We provide software development services, project-based support, outsourced product development, and much more!
Case studies
FinTech, C#, Azure, ML, PowerBI
Roxosoft's software engineering portfolio includes building a complex and customizable risk management system for a leading London-based hedge fund company.
Startup, Crypto, C#, Angular, ASP.NET
ElloMynt offers a fully compliant digital financial services platform for managing both money and cryptocurrencies from one place.

Enterprise, Cloud, C#, Managed
We developed Craftsman's flagship SaaS estimating and appraisal products that are fully cloud-based.

Key benefits of Startup Jumpstart
  • You get all of the relevant benefits of Integrated Support and Managed Team, but with more startup-specific support.
  • When you work with a Startup Jumpstart team, you can focus on building your company instead of being bogged down by the technical side of running your business.
  • We understand startup culture: product life cycle, limitations, and the usual major issues that startups face.
We can be your long term or short term support, depending on your needs. Our dedicated teams provide you with a competitive advantage as you establish your brand. We want you to be able to keep focusing on core business operations while we take care of your software and web development needs!
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