advanced engineering

At times, you may have requirements that are beyond the usual. These could include a need for strict uptime SLA, extremely low latency, or the capacity to handle large amounts of data or users. For such tasks, there is usually no ready-made solution available, and software development can become an intricate art that is hard to master.
We love challenges and complex projects; they keep us motivated and excited about modern tech.
Why Should You Choose Us?
Established History of Achievements
We have expertise in designing and developing software solutions that handle massive data sets with complex parallel computations, low latency, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.
Experienced Senior Developers And Architects
Our team of software architects possesses a minimum of 15 years of experience in developing complex software solutions.
Business Goals First
No matter how complex your software system is, it is designed to serve a specific purpose. We understand that our passion for creating software must be balanced by a clear focus on achieving your end goal. That's why we always keep your final objective in mind and ensure that the software we develop does exactly what it is intended to do.
Featured Case Study
We developed sophisticated back-office software, including risk management, exchange feed handlers, and data analysis and reconciliation. Requirements included 99.9% uptime and low latency while handling millions of trades.
Mandara Capital is a London-based investment manager that specializes in trading crude oil and oil product derivatives.
How Can We Help You?
Solution Architecture
When it comes to software development, it is essential to start with a drawing board. This is especially true for complex and atypical tasks. Just like building a skyscraper requires a strong foundation, software also needs a solid foundation for success. Our team of skilled software architects has a deep understanding of modern technologies and can help lay out a solid foundation for your system.
Software Development
Creating complex solutions demands a unique skill set. The software should be resilient and operate at high speed, while also being well-written on the code level. This is where software development becomes an art. Our team of Senior Software Developers and Architects has over a decade of experience in crafting some of the most complex software systems.
Software Audit
Do you have a software product that runs slow, crashes frequently, and adding even simple features takes a lot of time? If yes, then you might need help from our team. We can audit your systems and create a clear plan to keep your development process on track.
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