Outstaff Senior Software Developers

Integrated experts
Senior Software Engineers Working Directly for and With You
When a client chooses Integrated Support, they are choosing to outstaff one or more positions to our qualified and highly experienced senior software developers. These application software developers integrate seamlessly directly into our clients' existing team.
Integrated Experts means you have the most control over your outsourced team.
Once these computer software engineers are on board as team members, they report directly to the client like any other employee. They also have the support of our network of developers and managers
Case studies
FinTech, C#, Azure, ML, PowerBI
Roxosoft's software engineering portfolio includes building a complex and customizable risk management system for a leading London-based hedge fund company.
Startup, Crypto, C#, Angular, ASP.NET
ElloMynt offers a fully compliant digital financial services platform for managing both money and cryptocurrencies from one place.

Enterprise, Cloud, C#, Managed
We developed Craftsman's flagship SaaS estimating and appraisal products that are fully cloud-based.

Key benefits of Integrated Experts
  • We only hire senior developers and software development engineers with at least eight years of experience. This means that you know that your new team member(s) will be highly qualified and experienced.
  • You can quickly scale up your IT staff without going through lengthy HR processes.
  • When necessary, you can also scale down easily without letting your own companies' workers go.
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