Mandara Capital Software Development Case Study

Roxosoft's software engineering portfolio includes building a complex and customizable risk management system for a London-based fund company.
Mandara Capital is a London-based independent trading company, with a track record of generating significant returns. Founded in 2009, Mandara trades worldwide markets across global time-zones, through teams in London. Mandara Capital plays a significant role in the crude oil and fuel market, specialized in trading derivative contracts for commodities such as crude oil, gasoline, and fuel oil.
Roxosoft created multiple line-of-business software packages for Mandara from the very beginning to help it grow.
Mandara Capital was looking for a service provider to build and implement a system that offered more functionality than any available out-of-the-box program to support their fast growing plans.

Mandara used an "out of the box" risk management system that offered no flexibility or customization to meet the specific needs of the company. If they did try to customize the tools for their own purposes, the cost of programming for each customization was prohibitive.

Essentially, Mandara needed a risk management system that would accommodate tens of thousands of daily trades and at a few dozen simultaneous users. It would be used across three continents, in Mandara's offices in New York, London, and Singapore.
Project Stats
It's incredibly rewarding to see that our long and productive cooperation has led to such great project success.
  • 10
    Team Size
  • 12 years
    Project Duration
  • Ongoing
    Current Status
Roxosoft Solution
We completed extensive IT research to understand the complex algorithms needed, communicated with traders and the client's IT team, and developed the key specs for software development.
  • 1
    Assembled Top-Notch Team
    We offered our best senior developers and architects, including our founders, as project managers.
  • 2
    Near Shore Approach
    We set up a nearshore team located in Eastern Europe that worked in almost the same time zone as Mandara. The project manager and the team lead would always be present on the trading floor during major releases and upgrades.
  • 3
    Extensive RnD phase
    We conducted interviews with the traders and the IT team in order to identify their specific needs. Next, we created specifications and wireframes to ensure that we were all on the same page throughout the process. We even shadowed traders and watched them do their jobs so that we could identify the best ways our software could help them.
  • 4
    Fast Prototyping
    We worked in an extremely fast-paced environment. It was not uncommon for ideas to be conceptualized and implemented within just a few hours, with the resulting feature being made available on the trading floor.
Mandara Today
Today, Mandara is using our software every single day to complete trades that now number in the millions. Traders are more informed about the situation they face every day, and management at Mandara benefits from a reliable product with excellent continued service.
  • 3
  • > 30.000
    Number of daily trades
  • 20
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