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Cloud is the default platform for implementing software solutions these days. There are many reasons for that. Cloud allows companies to focus on their requirements and development process while removing infrastructure setup and maintenance from the equation. It's reliable, scalable, fast, and cost-effective.
At Roxosoft, we have been implementing cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure since 2012.
Why Roxosoft?
Proven track record
Since 2012, we have accumulated significant experience implementing cloud solutions for various industries. Whether you're building a brand-new product or looking to upgrade your existing software for the cloud, we know exactly how to approach your project.
Experienced Cloud Developers
Our cloud developers have at least 8 years of developing solutions specifically for the cloud.
Business Savvy
We always focus on your goals and what you're trying to achieve. We don't go cloud just because it's trendy, but because and only when this is the best way to reach your goals.
Featured Case Study
We developed Craftsman's flagship SaaS estimating and appraisal products that are fully cloud-based.
Craftsman Book Co. is a US-based publishing company that specializes in technical and professional references for the construction industry.
What Can We Do For You?
Cloud Strategy
If your company is new to the Cloud but willing to utilize its benefits, we're here to help. We work with you to assess the existing state of your IT processes, and create a roadmap for transition to the cloud that is tailored to your unique situation, with the idea to leverage opportunities and features that cloud has to offer.
Cloud Development
To fully use the powers of the Cloud, the software should be developed with cloud architecture in mind. Our cloud engineers have in-depth understanding of how cloud systems work and can leverage its full potential, while automating routing DevOps operations at early stages.
If you have legacy software that is still vital to the company but no longer conforms to the modern reliability and maintainability standards, our cloud experts can help you identify your options to migrate your existing systems to the cloud.
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