Roxosoft has provided expert software development services to many U.S. and European companies. Some of our clients that rely on us to provide software to power their most important business processes include:
ELTEL Networks is among the leading providers of electrical supply and networking services in Northern Europe.

Roxosoft designed and developed the custom order-handling system for the Norwegian branch of the company. The system keeps track of the entire order process, from initial entry to economical reporting of completed orders. Services provided included integration with other in-house systems and external ERP applications of partners.
M.O.S.E. BV / Netherlands
M.O.S.E. is one of the larger digital content providers for media companies in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) area.

Roxosoft delivered solutions to M.O.S.E. for content management, payment, and content delivery platform development. Services included integration with large global content providers, including SonyBMG, Universal, Warner, and EMI, and external content browsing and payment API for affiliates.
Visual Network Design is an independent software vendor specializing in data center management software.

Roxosoft’s core products development for Visual Network Design included data center visualization, inventory, modeling, analysis, and optimization software.
SixtySeven / Netherlands
SixtySeven specializes in developing IT solutions for marketing companies.

Roxosoft designed and developed a document management system that is part of a larger product for international marketing campaign localization. The system was used for creating marketing campaigns for companies like Autodesk, FORTIS Bank, and Mitsubishi.
MotiveVision AG / Switzerland
MotiveVision is a travel agency specializing in organizing tours to Russia for foreign companies.

Roxosoft designed and developed MotiveVision's internal ERP system for creating proposals and billing. Services included integration with bank services to exchange billing and payment information.
Seevian is a telemarketing and lead generation company.

Roxosoft designed and developed Seevian Solutions' lead management system. Services included integration with client call-centers and VoIP providers.